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      Moving offices is often a huge undertaking. Many factors come into play in a successful office move. Having been in this business for over three decades, we fully understand those factors and know how to work around obstacles and make the best use of opportunities. The experience and knowledge we have acquired has helped us become one of the leaders in office moving, furniture sales and installation, logistics and project management.

      Our management team has a combined experience of over 50 years, and our commercial sales consultants and on the job supervisors are selected based on their ability to deliver excellence in quality. We focus directly on our commercial customers and provide them with customized solutions to make their relocation process hassle-free, safe, smooth and quick.

      Since every move requires an understanding of the basics and careful planning, it begins with a meeting with our project manager and commercial sales consultant to discuss the scope of the project. Once we have determined your requirements, we will provide you with an estimate of the time, labor and costs required to complete the job.

      We fully understand your concern for the safety and security of your belongings and the privacy of your work space. All our personnel are selected after a rigorous background check and put through extensive training on commercial moving methods. They are required to wear company uniforms and ID badges with name tags, when entering your office so there will be no unauthorized person among them. We pride ourselves in having the most efficient, organized and friendly moving team in the industry.


      The Estimation Process

      Our Project Manager will pay you a visit at your office accompanied by an Office Moving Consultant, who will assess your requirements and prepare an accurate estimate of the labor, time and costs involved. The Consultant will also provide information and suggestions on any industrial and third-party services that may be necessary. Our goal at this stage is to make sure that our customers fully understand and are comfortable with the financial aspects of moving.

      Pre-Planning Your Move

      Planning is the most important part of any office moving project. The Project Manager will review all the necessary steps required to ensure a smooth move and, with the help of the planning team, create a detailed plan with timelines for each part of the project. In the process, they will review floor plans, identify systems and consult with you. Our goal at this stage is to make sure that our customers fully understand and are comfortable with the technical aspects of moving.

      Moving Process

      On the day planned for the move, our personnel will arrive with trucks and equipments at the agreed upon time. All of them will be in company uniform and fully informed about the specific requirements of your office. They will perform their duties professionally, leaving nothing to be desired for. At the end of the relocation, a final walkthrough of the job site will be done to make sure that nothing has been overlooked. Our goal at this stage is to ensure that our customers are totally satisfied with our service.

      Post-Move Process

      After the move has been completed, we offer a service that will make it easier for your employees to settle in their new office and help them cut the downtime. It includes removing packing bins and supplies, making adjustments to chairs and desks, and moving items within the new office. Our goal at this stage is to make sure that our customers are happy.


      AMJ Western Ontario specializes in the following services related to commercial moving:

      Hotel moves

      Our specialty services include a full move of all furniture items, installing fixtures and storing products in our warehouses.

      Machinery moves

      We specialize in moving almost any machinery item and are supported by a vast network of third party service providers.

      Nationwide Store Roll-outs

      We have a loyal client base of retail/restaurant operators who have been consistently using our service for over ten years.

      Museum Moves

      We have provided our service to numerous museums across the country and have ongoing contracts with several of them.


      Our liquidation services include finding buyers for your used furniture, preparing discarded items for disposal or recycling and donating useable items to charities.

      E-Waste Removal

      We specialize in removing all types of electronic wastes in an environmentally friendly and economical manner. None of the items will be resold or any information on them given away to unauthorized persons.

      We believe in sustainable living and practice eco-friendly waste management; because we know that the future of our planet depends on it. Since 2009, all of our locations have a Sustainability Committee that meets at least once every month to develop new and better ways to reduce our carbon footprints, as well as those of our customers. This Committee ensures that all the items that the client needs to, or wishes to sell or dispose of during office liquidation, are properly assessed and sorted out. All of our locations have onsite wood, metal, e-waste, plastic and cardboard recycling bins so that all of the wastes are disposed of properly in an environmentally friendly manner.

      Furniture Sales/Installation

      We provide furniture sales and installation services through AMJ Office Interiors. Our newly opened national office provides services, which include sales and installation of our furniture line, as well as design.



      • 100,000 square feet of climate-controlled warehouse space
      • 24 hour daily camera surveillance system both inside and outside our location
      • Fire sprinkler system
      • 24 hour climate controlled warehouse
      • Over 400 (8x8x8) pallets and 200 bays of racking for furniture and file storage
      • Motion detection alarm system throughout our facility


      • All of our trucks have an onboard GPS system that allows us to track our trucks at all times
      • 15 tractors and 40 trailers
      • Over 20 air ride straight trucks (26 foot, most with lift gates) outfitted with proper moving equipment
      • 5 cube vans

      Moving Equipment

      • 400 rubber wheel dollies with straps
      • 50 term carts for moving computer equipment
      • 20 panel/screen carts for moving panels, pictures, etc.
      • 2000 plastic moving bins
      • 10,000 moving pads
      • 20 sets of ramps
      • Fully equipped box store onsite containing over 100 items required for moving

    AMJ Western Ontario Promise

    At AMJ Western Ontario, we believe in providing flawless service that will earn us the lasting goodwill of our customers. Therefore, we promise all our existing and future customers that we will continue to provide services of the highest standard. We further pledge to continue to improve our service using advanced equipments and sustainable methods; and to train and motivate our managers, consultants and movers to be the best they can be in their field of work.

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        AMJ Office InteriorsAMJ Campbell is not just a moving company. Our diverse lines of businesses include receiving, moving, distribution and installation of office furniture and seating. We have a large base of clients all over Canada and the USA who rely on us for multiple related services. We are now expanding into the office interiors business, which we believe is a natural extension of our business.Initially, we will offer our services from sales offices in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax, Calgary, London and Florida. As our business grows, we will expand to other locations in North America and elsewhere in the world.

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