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When we started out years ago, we were a family business moving families.

After decades of helping local families, businesses, retirees, and people within our communities move, AMJ Campbell has grown to six partners and now offer a wide range of superior moving, storing and packing services at a very competitive price.

One of our proudest accomplishments is that throughout our expansion we have stayed true to the values from our beginnings:

  • Build customer trust with every action
  • Deliver service that can’t be beat
  • Help make our community a better place


 We look forward to making your next move your best ever!

    • Vision statement

      To be the most reliable, innovative and customer-focused relocation services company in the country
    • Mission statement

      To provide the most professional and reliable relocation services through all of our business line by focusing on a personalized customer experience
    • WHO WE ARE

      “Established in 1934, AMJ Campbell is the largest moving company nationwide, with 36 branches across Canada.”


      Lenny Malley
      AMJ Western Ontario General Manager/Partner
      Phone: 519-896-3366 ext. 101
      Email: lmalley@amjkw.com

      Shawn Messenger
      AMJ Western Ontario Sales Manager/Partner
      Phone:519-896-3366 ext. 102
      Email: smessenger@amjkw.com

      James Messenger
      Assistant Branch Manager
      Phone:519-896-3366 ext. 114
      Email: jmessenger@amjkw.com

      Heather Schmitz
      Residential Moving Consultant
      Phone: 519-896-3366 ext. 112
      Email: hschmitz@amjkw.com

      Kirk Grady
      Residential Moving Consultant
      Phone: 519-896-3366 ext. 110
      Email: kgrady@amjkw.com

      Darrin Drake
      Residential Moving Consultant
      Phone: 519-896-3366 ext. 109
      Email: ddrake@amjkw.com

      Bernie Hack
      Home Delivery Manager
      Phone: 519-896-3366 ext. 111
      Email: bhack@amjkw.com

      John Barron
      Specialized Logistics Account Manager
      Phone: 519-896-3366 ext. 120
      Email: jbarron@amjkw.com

      Shane Malley
      Operations Manager
      Phone: 519-896-3366 ext. 107
      Email: smalley@amjkw.com


      AMJ CAMPBELL - Western Ontario Moving Partners.

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    • CAM

      CAM is the Canadian Association of Movers. They are an industry association that sets the standards for professional movers around Canada.

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      AMJ CAMPBELL - Western Ontario Moving Blog.

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    • FAQ

      What are some useful moving tips? Creating a mover’s check list is always a great way to start. Ask yourself questions like: “What is my budget?”, “What am I looking for in a moving company?”, “Do I need extra storage space?” to just name a few examples. Also, you will want to organize your contacts, plan ahead of time, connect with your local moving company, purchase new boxes (if needed), and label! Label! Label! For more tips you can check out more on our moving blog.


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